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Article: What Is Leather PU?

What is Leather PU | FR Fashion Co

What Is Leather PU?

PU leather, a staple in modern fashion, comes with its unique set of characteristics. Known as bicast leather, the PU leather we use incorporates actual leather, albeit with a polyurethane layer on top. This creation utilizes the fibrous remnants from genuine leather production and introduces a protective polyurethane layer for enhanced durability and aesthetics.

Real vs. PU Leather

What is PU Leather? | FR Fashion Co.

PU Leather Pros:

  • Cost-effective compared to genuine leather due to simpler manufacturing.
  • Water-resistant nature simplifies cleaning.
  • 100% PU leather stands as a vegan option.
  • Offers diverse color and style options.
  • Retains its appearance without drying out over time.
  • Eco-friendlier due to reduced resource usage.

PU Leather Cons:

  • Can appear artificial or synthetic.
  • Lacks breathability, unlike genuine leather.
  • Potential for chemical or plastic odors.
  • Prone to wear and tear, compromising its longevity.
  • Can easily puncture or tear.
  • Doesn’t achieve the genuine leather patina over time.
  • May not always be vegan if it incorporates genuine leather remnants.
  • Although resource-efficient, plastic components challenge environmental decomposability.

How to Distinguish PU Leather

Whether you're in pursuit of genuine or PU leather, it's paramount to discern the differences. If shopping for a leather backpack, for instance, inspect the label. For online shoppers without label access, familiarity with PU and genuine leather characteristics is invaluable. Generally, PU leather proves more affordable due to streamlined production. The water absorption test offers another distinction: genuine leather absorbs water, while PU leather repels it. Lastly, genuine leather boasts natural imperfections and authentic grain, whereas PU leather's patterned texture can appear overly flawless.


If affordability, vegan options, or color variety appeal to you, PU leather is an excellent choice. Conversely, genuine leather enthusiasts will want to sidestep PU leather. Thankfully, distinguishing between the two has never been easier, ensuring a confident and informed purchase.

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