How Much Is An AirPods Case?

AirPods have been all the rage since they were released in 2016. Their popularity doesn't seem to be slowing down either, as the second generation received our coveted Mashable Choice designation and they're about to enter their third generation. Like many tech devices, AirPods require extra casing to keep them from breaking, getting scratched, or — heaven forbid — lost. You're paying a decent chunk of change (up to $299 unless you find them on sale) for a pair of earbuds, what's a little more to keep them in mint condition? 

You can get pretty creative with these earbuds. Lately, we've seen a rash of cool cases on the market, which can take a variety of different forms. Prices ranging from $15 to $40 depending on your taste, budget, and style. Whether you're looking for something sleek, protective, or just one that matches your personality, there's a case out there for you.

In most instances, AirPods cases are cheap enough that you can purchase multiple and swap them out depending on your mood or outfit. And honestly, is there any greater power move than matching your AirPods to your wardrobe?

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