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Article: Everything You Need to Know About Our Tactical Collection

Everything You Need to Know About Our Tactical Collection - FR Fashion Co.

Everything You Need to Know About Our Tactical Collection

Tactical Collection | FR Fashion Co.

Tactical Collection | FR Fashion Co.

Everything You Need to Know About Our Tactical Collection

If you’re looking for high-performance products to support your high-activity ventures, you’re in the right place. At Fashion Co, we specialize in superb products that you can rely on during 5-day treks, afternoon hikes, or any other exacting pursuit. Although this type of gear is most commonly used for military deployment and law enforcement, anyone who engages in highly intense activities, or even those who simply need reliable traveling products, can find something useful in our expansive tactical collection.

Made with military-inspired materials, this collection is the epitome of durability. Unfussy designs equipped with generous capacities, convenient features, and maximum comfort, these products will have your back on any occasion, making them your new go-to for all of your adventures. Below are some of our favorite must-have products from the tactical collection.

Sling Bag for Men Tactical with 4-Way Carrying Design


Carrying your gear while you carry out your daily duties is made much more feasible with our Tactical Sling Bag. Featuring a 39-inch adjustable strap, built-in front & side molle system, and water-resistant material, this bag takes multifunction to a whole new level. And the generosity doesn’t stop there - it also has a four-way carrying design, allowing you to utilize it in a manner that best suits you.

Store your laptop or tablet in the spacious interior compartment and a sidearm in the hidden rear pocket. Whatever the occasion, the Tactical Sling Bag will protect all of your essentials. Available in five colors, this sling bag’s utility and durability are unmatched.

Duffle Bag for Men 22 Inch Tactical

Duffel Bag for Men 22 inch Tactical

If you need a bag to effectively protect your belongings, the Tactical Duffle Bag was designed to meet all of your demands. Generous capacity, lockable YKK zippers, and water-resistant fabrics define this bag as the epitome of heavy-duty. Its deceptively large size is surprisingly lightweight due to the durability of the adjustable shoulder and wrap-around straps, so you can haul it over your shoulder with ease and protect large, significant items with peace of mind. Pack your flashlight, water bottle, and multiple changes of clothes for a weekend camping trip, or use it as luggage on your next trip.

AirPods Case Tactical Armor with Air Cushion Technology


Protect your AirPod charging case on demanding excursions with our Tactical Armor AirPods Case. Don’t stress if you drop it (let’s be real - it happens more than we like to admit); the military-grade silicone softens the blow, even on the roughest surfaces. This product also charges your AirPods, so you can continue listening to your favorite songs or podcasts without fear of draining the battery. Detailed cutout at the bottom allows for convenient charging access.

Have a habit of losing your AirPods? Our tactical case solves that issue, too. Equipped with a metal keychain, you can now attach your earphones to your bag and have them with you at all times. This ingenious product is also available for AirPod Pros.

As you can see, our Tactical Collection serves to support all of your activities. So liberate yourself from the shackles of uncomfortable, inconvenient bags that impede your range of motion and opt for Fashion Co.’s functional and reliable products that never fail to perform.

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