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Cool AirPod Cases

In 2020 we raised the bar for trendy AirPod Cases. Our goal was to put together a collection of AirPod cases that not only looked cool but provided functionality. I think we hit the nail on the head. So did many of our customers. Keeping in mind our original intent. 2021 brings an even great challenge to bring you guys some really cool AirPod cases. 

Tactical Airpod Case | FR Fashion Co.

Tactical Armor AirPod Case | FR Fashion Co.

Late 2020 we introduced a cool AirPod case from our tactical collection. Our Tactical AirPod case is constructed from military grade silicone. Designed to protect your AirPod charging case from any rough and rugged encounter. Extra padded and raised corners provides back up protection to the most vulnerable places of your AirPod charging case. 

Silicone with Pom AirPod Case | FR Fashion Co.

Silicone with Pom AirPod Case | FR Fashion Co. 

This is one cool AirPod case. Once again our designers killed it. We understand some people want simple protection. We agree with that, we also think that it should look good too. Our Silicone with Pom AirPod case comes with a cute pom keychain. Its the perfect accessory to your accessory. If you're looking for a cool silicone AirPod case and want to stand out from the crowd, we have you covered. Available in both AirPod 1/2 & Pro with over 20 colors and style. This is one AirPod case you need in your collection. 

Vintage Leather AirPod Pro Case - Luxury Edition | FR Fashion Co

Vintage Leather AirPod Case

This is an oldie but goodie for us. Our Vintage Leather AirPod Case was our first case. If you're looking for a luxury AirPod case that is great quality and affordable this is your AirPod case. Not only does this cool AirPod case come with a built-in keychain. It's designed with a snap closure to ensure your AirPods stay secure. Take your AirPods with you anywhere you go, and look good while you're doing you. You don't even have to take you AirPods our of the case to charge, it supports wireless charging. This is one cool luxury AirPod case that deserves to be in your collection. 

These are just 3 of the many cool AirPod cases you will find at FR Fashion Co. If you're looking for simple silicone or luxury leather AirPod cases you're bound to find one here. Our collection is top notch and always growing. I highly recommend signing up for the news letter to stay current on exclusive releases. 2021 is going to bring new cases that you wont want to miss. 

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