FR Fashion Co. is committed to providing high-quality service to our customers. This explains our customer care policy and how we proactively strive to offer products and services in which our customers can have complete confidence. We aim to deliver service levels designed to satisfy our customer's needs and expectations to the highest standards. We aim to set transparent service standards and review and improve performance regularly. We operate in an

the ethical manner in treating customers, employees, and suppliers as we would like to

be treated.


Customer Experience:


We aim to understand and measure your expectations to provide an

enhanced customer experience.




We provide a wide range of products and services and aim to deliver the best

possible service to all our customers. We will strive to ensure that no customer

cannot use or is disadvantaged in accessing our products and services. We

will regularly consult to review customer needs and requirements. We will act

to avoid and eliminate discrimination against any customer.


Our office opening hours are as follows:


Monday to Friday 09:00 am to 05:00 pm (excluding Bank Holidays.)


Customer Communication


We will set out information about our services clearly and simply so that all our

customers can understand it. This includes information on how to complain or

give feedback about our products and services. We will promote the use of plain language as a communication medium. We will answer all correspondence, including letters, faxes, and emails, professionally, timely, and efficiently.




We will investigate all customer complaints about the products and services we

provide and promptly deal with any complaints received.