First things first, we need to consider the quality. Like any other item you are thinking of buying, the quality needs to be at the top of your considerations. If it isn’t, then you may be left wondering why you’ve spent your money, feeling regretful.

Taking that extra bit of time to ensure that you are getting the highest quality available will minimize the risk of hating your new items, maximizing the success of your investments.

What makes something high quality comes down to the subjectivity of the item. For example, a high-quality TV will be something with the ability to run 4K material. With a messenger bag, however, the boundaries are less obvious.

Generally, we will be looking at the durability and material of the item in question. This is something that we will be getting into more in-depth later on in this section, so we don’t want to discuss it too much now.

Ultimately, the better your messenger bag is in terms of durability, and the higher quality the material, then the higher quality your bag is going to be in general.

At the end of the day, we just want everyone reading this article to only buy a messenger bag if they feel that it is high quality and worth their hard-earned cash.

If you are ever in doubt about your own research, then be sure to use one of our examples, as we have done the research for you, and we are certain that you will love them.


As we briefly discussed under quality, the durability of an item is massively important, and that is definitely the case with messenger bags.

If you are going to be investing in an item that you could be taking on travels, to work, or to school, then you expect it to last a long time.

The worst thing is to spend your money on a bag only to realize that you are having some issues with it 2 weeks down the line. By that point, it is too late, and you’ll have to spend your money on a new one.

We feel that these issues can more or less be avoided with some research into the durability of the brand, material, and specific item. If all research comes back positive, then it is likely that you can spend your money without worrying that it is going to backfire.

Getting an item that is durable can make all of the difference in the quality of your item, and that is why we have placed such an emphasis on it in this section.


Surprisingly, messenger bags in 2020 come in many different styles. Whilst the premise remains a constant – that is, a single strap bag over the shoulder – you can get alternative styles that you might not have thought of before.

First, you obviously have the classic, single strap bag that many people automatically assume when thinking about messenger bags. They are the classic look, pretty stylish, and often made from high-quality materials that are going to last a long time.

This will be the style that the majority of men will go for because it is timeless and altogether convenient.

Second, there are messenger bags that are now in a crossbody purse style. This type of man bag is something that is highly popular with the elderly. They are the perfect size for people to include their most necessary items.

For example, if you are looking for a small messenger bag, then this is likely to be your ideal choice.

Third, the retro messenger bag, like Sylvester Messenger Bag online at FR Fashion Co. https://frfashionco.com/collections/fashion-messenger-bags/products/sylvester-messenger-bag  The style is very similar to a rucksack, but it is a canvas messenger bag that combines the convenience and function of a messenger bag with the success of the rucksack canvas style.

The styles are even more interchangeable if we look at the interiors.

Many vintages, classic messenger bags are just going to have the single open pocket for all of your things, but some modern messenger bags make the most clever designing to include all of your accessories in one smart place.

Ultimately, the style that you go for comes down to you. There’s no ‘best’ style of a messenger bag, and it is something that you have to work out for yourself by seeing what you like.

Inevitably, there are some exceptions: for example, if you are desperate for the best laptop messenger bags, then you should get a classic style that allows for a laptop.


Closely tied in with our previous point, the purpose behind you buying a messenger bag also holds huge weight over what you decide to get.

If we think about it, if you just want a messenger bag to wear down to the nearest sports bar, then you probably don’t need something that’s 17 inches and designed to fit a MacBook Pro. 

And that is exactly what we mean. Each person has a different purpose in mind when considering a messenger bag. For some, it could be their daily commute bag, and for others, it could just be for whilst they’re traveling.

You need to figure out your specific purpose behind wanting a messenger bag and then purchasing accordingly.

As a general rule of thumb, we feel that it would make sense for anyone commuting to work to go for a messenger bag that is designed to hold laptops. That is because then it also will fit A4 paper, notepads, the whole works.

If you are someone who just wants the messenger bag to wear around town or down to the bar, then you could definitely look at something smaller and slightly more convenient. There’s not so much of a demand for wearing something big and chunky.


Even though we hate to see it listed, the price of your potential messenger bag has to be something that you take seriously.

We want to mention this because we feel that it is important that we are all sensible with our money, and we know/recognize what our budgets are.

If we are going to spend money on a messenger bag, we need to have a budget in mind. Once that is in mind, the process becomes considerably easier, and that is the primary goal.

If your maximum budget is 100 bucks, then that makes your job easier, since you won’t be looking above that point. By doing so, you can look for the highest quality within your budget, and that will result in you getting the best for your investment.

If you don’t follow a set budget, then you can get yourself into a whole world of trouble. To be blunt, many men can get into a habit of spending more than they set out to, and that can cause issues if it happens that their bag is faulty or breaks sooner than expected.

Another thing to note with the price is that the quality often follows.

Obviously, there are many exceptions to the rule, but, on a general note, the bags with the best materials, greatest durability, and the best brands are going to be the most expensive.

It is natural for that to be the case, and that is why we believe that you should always try to go for the upper end of your budget.

Obviously, if there’s an excellent messenger bag on sale, then, by all messenger bag on sale, then, by all means, go for it, but, as a general rule, you ought to be taking your budget and pushing it to the limits to reach your targets.


Understanding why brands are worth more than others can go a long way in deciding your next purchase. To make it easier, we will take a general, everyday example that you should understand.

When buying yourself a new pair of shoes, you want to invest in a brand that is worth the money you are parting with. Brands like Nike, Adidas, and Reebok are ones that instill confidence as soon as you read the name.

The same can be applied to messenger bags. You’ll need to trawl through the haystack to find the needle. Once you figure out the brand of a messenger bag that you love the look of, then you can go ahead and make a purchase.

More specifically, some brands will care a lot more about their products than others, but it is hard to tell on the surface.

It will require some deeper digging to figure out which brands actually try that little bit harder to produce messenger bags that are above and beyond the competition.

The downsides are also worth keeping in mind for those of you who are guilty of buying items based on the brand name alone.

Fortunately, with fewer household brand names producing messenger bags, it is likely that you actually will have to do your due diligence into whether or not the bag is high quality and worth the investment.


Another massive part of what makes something high quality is the material. This can take a messenger bag from perfect to completely flawed.

It is what makes a jacket from being waterproof to useless in wet conditions, and it is what separates different types of jewelry in terms of their quality.

Every item that you have ever bought has likely had different material options, but it is up to you to decide which you prefer best.

Fortunately, some high-quality materials like leather are used in messenger bags. This is to give the vintage look that many men are looking for. Leather has the unique advantage of actually looking better as it ages, and that is something to keep in mind.

If you go for a leather messenger bag, then, as long as the build holds up, you should expect to keep it for years to come as it develops its own natural wear and tear that actually looks quite cool.

One of the downsides to leather is that you will either need to find one that has been specifically coated in a water-resistant substance, or you will have to actively avoid the rain when you’re out and about. For some of us, that is easier said than done.

Other materials to expect from a messenger bag include canvas and polyester. Even though these don’t sound as impressive as leather, many types of these materials are high quality and well worth the money.

Again, it is just going to be up to you to do some research and find out which you would prefer.


When we say extras, we don’t mean the classic keychain hanging off of the bottom of the bag. Instead, we are talking about the physical ‘additional’ extras that are quite often built into the bag.

Even though the majority of bags are simple, with a flap revealing one or two big compartments with perhaps a little zip inside, you can get some that really push the boat out in terms of complexity and accessories.

One obvious example is that many messenger bags are created with laptops in mind. People are always looking to take their laptop around with them, for many reasons, and that is something that is worth keeping in mind.

If you expect to travel with your laptop at any time, then perhaps you should specifically look for messenger bags that will allow you to do so comfortably.

Another is to look out for bags that have been made with complex and thorough interiors. This may involve many different pockets or many extra places that have been specifically designed inside.

Some bags may have a part specifically for work-related items, like pens and stationery. On the other hand, some will have slots for your passport or other travel-related items.

Again, it is something that you need to reflect on with yourself, in order to figure out what you need.

If you are someone who is going to be traveling a lot, and carrying around a laptop a lot, then you already are looking at some pretty niche bags to find one that is perfect for you.


They say “don’t judge a book by its cover,” and that is exactly why you should dig into the reviews before you make any sort of final decision. The reviews, both of independent websites, like our own, and customers are greatly influential.

Getting an understanding of those who know more than you can really help. If you just take the manufacturer’s word for it, then you will be sold into believing that every bag you read about is the best.

However, this is far from the truth, and the truth often unravels as soon as you start looking at reviews and the honest feedback that people provide.

Quite often, reviews will completely shape our decisions, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. If you can look at items with hundreds of reviews, then the average rating is likely to be one that you can take seriously.

Obviously, there are downsides. For example, some people may just be making fake accounts and reviewing their own products, but this is in the minority.

Do your own due diligence and just double-check every review to ensure that you believe that they are legitimate and true.

Once you have gone through many reviews and figured out which ones are getting the most consistent positives and fewest negatives, then you have probably found your match.

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